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All Is Bright Movie Trailer

All Is Bright Movie All Is Bright Movie Trailer

All Is Bright Movie Trailer

Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd and Sally Hawkins stars in a new movie this October with All Is Bright. This new film revolves around Dennis (Giamatti) who is out on parole and takes a job selling Christmas trees with his old friend, Rene (Rudd). He hopes to save enough money so that he can buy his estranged daughter the piano she always wanted. All is Bright is directed by Phil Morrison. Read the latest buzz about this new film below:


“First Look at All Is Bright

All Is Bright Movie Trailer All Is Bright Movie TrailerThere are plenty of emotional opt-out opportunities in Phil Morrison’s bleak movie All Is Bright—points where audiences could be forgiven for losing faith, or just interest, in the sullen protagonist, newly released ex-convict Dennis (Paul Giamatti). The first comes a few moments into the film, when his caseworker glibly tells him he can’t get work in his economically depressed small Canadian hometown, but also can’t legally leave to seek work elsewhere, so perhaps he should live off the land. (When Dennis protests that he doesn’t own land, the caseworker says he’s being needlessly negative, and dismisses him.) It’s a moment calculated to be funny but infuriating, to show Dennis as trapped within an unsympathetic system, and therefore justified in the extreme steps he takes as the plot unfolds. But it’s one of several far-too-broad moments in a film that veers between caustic comedy, melodrama, and heartstring-tugging, without finding the spark of sympathy that would hold the film together around its disparate tones.

Other opt-out moments arrive as Dennis physically attacks his old partner-in-crime Rene (Paul Rudd), who is out to marry Dennis’ estranged, exasperated ex-wife Therese (Amy Landecker). Or when Dennis immediately follows up by inviting himself along on Rene’s planned monthlong trip to New York City to sell Christmas trees at an immense markup. Once in the city, Dennis assaults and threatens to murder a less-ramshackle tree-seller for the crime of being better managed and having a more appealing setup. He steals from the competition; he steals a border guard’s wallet; he steals from the only person in New York who treats him kindly and with personal concern. And he rarely lets up in his abuse of Rene, whom he decries as a useless loser because Rene is trying to go straight. Dennis’ anger and entitlement are exhausting, and frustratingly indiscriminate.

With its seemingly irredeemable protagonist, its weeks-before-Christmas setting, its focus on reprobates taking advantage of seasonal employment, and its bitter sense of humor, All Is Bright will feel familiar to Bad Santa fans, but the film lacks Bad Santa’s no-holds-barred outrageousness. It’s a more maudlin, mundane, sometimes miserablist drama that never cuts Dennis a break—not that he comes across as a character worthy of, or trying for, redemption. He almost completely lacks empathy, or interest in any needs but his own. For much of the film, his only nod to a world outside the reach of his fists comes via his reckless plan to earn enough money to buy a Christmas-present piano for his young daughter Michi, who thinks he died of cancer, thanks to Therese’s determination to cut him out of her life.”

The rest of the article can be read at The Dissolve.


Don’t miss All Is Bright in theaters near you on October 4th 2013.

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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 All Is Bright Movie Trailer
Charmaine Blake
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