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End of Watch Movie Trailer

End of Watch End of Watch Movie Trailer

End of Watch Movie Trailer

End of Watch is an Action/Adventure film that stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Officer Taylor and Michael Peña as Officer Zavala. This two young LA police officers patrol the meanest part of the Los Angeles. End of Watch will give viewers a gripping tale of what goes on during these occasions that these officers risk their lives to maintain the peace in the neighbourhood. This film will unravel the sacrifices they must endure and their families who must face consequences each time they go to work. End of Watch is written and directed by David Ayer. As early as now, reviews are coming in for End of Watch and the film is starting to gain a lot of thumbs up. Let’s take a look at an early review for End of Watch written by Henry Barnes:

Early Review for the Movie: End of Watch

By now David Ayer knows this beat. He’s patrolled cop fiction – at a clip (Training Day – 2001) or a plod (Street Kings – 2008) – for most of his career. End of Watch, another sun-blanched sweep through the hood with the writer/director’s handsome, honest incarnation of the LAPD – is his best work yet: an all-out sprint around a very familiar block.

Officers Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Zavala (Michael Peña) patrol south central LA. They’re cool cops – Oakley-sporting, born-with-the-badge police – respectful of the job, but not in thrall of it. Long hours in the cruiser, bickering and bantering, have formed a deep friendship. They’ve even, by prioritising the rule of the street over the book of law, earned the respect of some of the city’s gangs. In one extraordinary scene, scrappy, stocky Zavala drops his gun and bare knuckle boxes a suspect into submission while Taylor looks on and laughs. This, according to Zavala’s beaten opponent, is the mark of “real police”.

Life becomes more than routine when a traffic stop leads to the discovery of weapons and drug money linked to a Mexican cartel, and Taylor gets ideas above his payroll. He starts digging into gangster business, earning himself and Zavala a spot on their hit list. From there a policeman’s life is rarely dull, with each house call paying out mountains of blinged-out munitions (including a gold jewel-encrusted assault rifle – “Liberace’s AK”) and a convenient lead to the next clue-crammed crimescene. There’s little let-up, even when Zavala gets shot at. “Are you OK partner?” bellows Taylor. He is, he’s fine – he doesn’t need to drop in on the department’s counsellor. There’s no time anyway, because there’s a lock-up full of trafficked immigrants to liberate on the next call.

It should seem ludicrous, this top-heavy blend of action and drama, but Ayer whips us along, outpacing implausibility at every turn. It helps that Gyllenhaal and Peña are immediately likable as introspective Taylor and his bullish sidekick. Ayer’s dialogue bolsters the quieter moments – a career-born hybrid of police code and street slang that’s perfect for two regular cops shooting the breeze.”


Read the rest of the review at The Guardian


End of Watch is going to be released in theatres on September 21st 2012.


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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 End of Watch Movie Trailer
Charmaine Blake
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