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Forgetting the Girl

Forgetting the Girl Forgetting the Girl

Forgetting the Girl

A beautifully dark psychodrama will be featured this October with Forgetting the Girl. This new independent film is adapted from Peter Moore Smith’s short story with the same title. Forgetting the Girl stars Christopher Denham, Lindsay Beamish and Elizabeth Rice. It revolves around the haunted traumatic history of photographer Kevin Wolfe (Denham) who is struggling to systematically forget all his bad memories. Although, erasing his past might also consume the future that he has at hand. Check out the latest news for this new film below:



“Nate Taylor Director of Forgetting the Girl Talks About His New Film

Forgetting the Girl Movie Trailer Forgetting the GirlThe beautifully dark psychodrama Forgetting The Girl (Full Stealth Films) is a fascinating dissection into the traumatized mind of photographer Kevin Wolfe (Shutter Island’s Christopher Denham). First-time feature film director, Nate Taylor, who admittedly got chills up his spine the first time he read the script, takes the viewer along with him on the journey following Wolfe as he attempts to navigate through a world in which he is a prisoner to both his past as well as his own mind. Haunted by a childhood too painful to really look at, Wolfe is in a state of constant struggle as he attempts to systematically forget any and all of the bad memories from his past.

The attempt to eradicate from his mind all of these horrifying memories consumes his present as well as any hopes he may have of any sort of a happy future. Dealing with the death of his little sister as a young boy, the seed is planted for his obsession as a man to find a girl who can help him to love another, as well as himself. Tragically, each of his encounters with the opposite sex end in disaster, pushing him deeper and deeper into a well of despair – a well that proves too deep to ever crawl out of.

With the many mounting rejections that ensure his search for happiness as futile, his search for love becomes overwhelmingly turbulent and his desperation takes over. Wanting desperately to connect to another, he is the definition of an emotionally bottled up individual who is completely closed off and unable to truly open up to anyone. Denham has been quoted as calling this character a photographer who cannot see, a man who has worn this mask of normalcy for so long that he no longer sees it as a mask.

In an interview with Taylor, the tortured mind of Wolfe is revealed. “Kevin cannot handle intimate relationships. The only person in his life that he has any sort of real connection with is Jamie (Lindsay Beamish).” Taylor goes on to further explain that many of the characters in this film are unhappy internally and therefore struggle to find happiness externally. The main character cannot handle being accepted any better than he is able to handle rejection, which further solidifies Taylor’s point. In each of these characters is a certain desperate yearning for happiness that Taylor admits resonated personally with him. “I was moved to the point after reading this script where I knew that I had to turn this story into a film.”

Read the rest of the article at I Am Rogue by clicking here.



Forgetting the Girl is directed by Nate Taylor and is scheduled to be released on October 11th 2013.


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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 Forgetting the Girl
Charmaine Blake
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