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Late Movie Review: One For The Money

one for the money Late Movie Review: One For The Money

Late Movie Review: One For The Money

One For The Money starring Katherine Heigl made its debut on the big screen on January 27th 2012. Adapted from Janet Evanovich best selling series, Katherine Heigl plays the witty heroine Stephanie Plum. One For The Money is a great combination of adventure and comedy for the fans of Katherine Heigl. Although, the movie did not seem to have that great impact from fans and critics in the country. Here are some movie reviews for the movie: One For The Money

Katherine Heigl On Her Role As Stephanie Plum In One For The Money


“It wouldn’t be fair to blame only the lead for this misfire, even if she did also executive-produce. The three writers and director Julie Anne Robinson don’t offer a single reason why they’d want to bring this popular series to the screen. Stephanie’s family (including a fluttery Debbie Reynolds) is absurdly two-dimensional, and there isn’t a moment of realistic action, romance or drama to be found. Only a sly John Leguizamo and Ana Reeder, as Stephanie’s no-nonsense colleague, come out unscathed.

There have been notable exceptions, but Heigl tends to imbue her characters with an off-putting mix of insecurity and abrasiveness. This film is a prime example. She never relaxes, as if she’s aware that she’s miscast. She’s too movie-star glam, too stiffly prissy, and too lacking in any affection for Stephanie herself. (We won’t even get into her attempts at a Jersey accent.)

In Evanovich’s books, Stephanie’s most endearing traits are her flaws. In the movie, she has few assets and her flaws are as charmless as everyone else’s. Similarly, only those who found Gerard Butler’s generic arrogance attractive in “The Ugly Truth” (also starring Heigl) will appreciate O’Mara’s blandly obnoxious alpha-hunk. The film does set up sparks with a more interesting character (Daniel Sunjata), but then it goes nowhere.

Heigl still seems to believe in the retro-sexist “chick flick” model, in which any strong heroine must be rendered unthreatening by ditsy ineptitude. (Though it’s clumsily staged as a creepy power play, the filmmakers actually expect us to be charmed when Morelli handcuffs a naked Plum to her own shower.)

Fortunately that cliché is fading fast, as audiences look for something smarter, wittier, or simply more entertaining. There’s still plenty of potential in this series, as long as a new team comes aboard. Now that Heigl’s made one for the money, it’s time we had some fun.”

You can read the complete article at NY Daily News.

Although there are many who were not impressed with One For The Money. There are still some who enjoyed watching Katherine Heigl in this film.


One For The Money: Flawed But Not Boring

“Thanks in large part to the power of extremely lowered expectations, I actually enjoyed this Katherine Heigl chick flick fantasy based on the series of successful books by Janet Evanovich. Sure, it’s being dumped in the dead of winter and wasn’t screened for critics before it was released, but I still enjoyed it. It’s far from perfect, but I wasn’t bored.

Heigl stars as Stephanie Plum, a divorced woman recently fired from her job in the lingerie department of the Newark Macy’s. With nowhere else to turn she goes to her bail bondsman cousin and blackmails him into giving her a chance as a bounty hunter. Her first fugitive is ex-cop Joe Morelli, an ex-lover of Stephanie’s who is wanted for murder. While investigating Joe’s disappearance, Stephanie gets involved with hookers, fighters and other assorted lowlifes as she struggles to get her man.

While most chick flicks are romantic comedies, this one is more of a mystery comedy. It’s just as much a fantasy as any romantic comedy and there is a romance angle to it, but it takes a back seat to the “mystery”. Stephanie’s detective work mainly consists of her seemingly able to get anyone to talk to her.”

You can read the complete review by clicking here

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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 Late Movie Review: One For The Money
Charmaine Blake
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