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Latest News on The Movie JOBS

Ashton Kutcher in JOBS Latest News on The Movie JOBS

Latest News on The Movie JOBS

JOBS is a biopic based on one of the extraordinary innovator and ground-breaking entrepreneur, Steve Jobs. This film tells the story of Steve, his epic journey and turbulent as the same time as he blazed a trail that made a huge change in the world of technology forever. JOBS stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak and J.K. Simmons as Arthur Rock. JOBS was chosen to close the 2013 Sundance Film Festival last January 27th 2013. Check out an early review for JOBS below:


“Ashton Kuchter Takes On the Role of the Legendary Inventor and Entrepreneur in JOBS

Latest Buzz on The Movie JOBS Latest News on The Movie JOBSAshton Kutcher stars as the legendary inventor and entrepreneur who converted a generation of computer users to Apple products.

PARK CITY — Playing rather like a two-hour commercial covering the first 20 tumultuous years of Apple’s development, Joshua Michael Stern’s biographical look Steve Jobs is a passably entertaining account of the career of one of the 20th century’s great innovators that breaks no new stylistic ground and hews closely to the public perception of the tech giant. Open Road will releasejOBS nationwide April 19 to mark Apple’s 37th anniversary. The three-month marketing push began at Sundace and positive word-of-mouth could turn out more viewers than just the faithful and curious. International sales are a given considering Apple’s global reach.

Selecting a biography’s starting point is always a critical decision for both content and pacing, and debuting screenwriter Matt Whiteley identifies Jobs’ (Ashton Kutcher) early-’70s Reed College education — cut short when he drops out shortly after enrolling — as the first critical juncture in his later career. Art classes, meditation, LSD trips and travel to India all contribute to Jobs’ brief higher-education experience, leading to a job with pioneering video game manufacturer Atari in Silicon Valley.

Jobs and self-taught computer engineer Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) co-found Apple Computer to manufacture the Apple I computer kit in the former’s parents’ Los Altos garage. They soon follow up with the Apple II, one of the first consumer-market personal computers to include a video display, released in 1977 with funding from entrepreneur and former Intel engineer Mike Markkula (Dermot Mulroney).

Jobs focuses on advancing the platform, eventually launching the Macintosh computer in 1984 after having taken the company public four years earlier at the incredibly reasonable IPO price of $22 a share. The offering makes Jobs and Wozniak instant multi-millionaires, though it cuts into some of Apple’s key original employees.

An internal feud with CEO John Scully (Matthew Modine) sparks Job’s departure from Apple in 1985 and the start-up of the computer hardware and software manufacturer NeXT. By then, Wozniak also had left Apple. As the company falters with various unsuccessful research and manufacturing projects in the late-’80s, Apple brings Jobs back as an adviser and eventually makes him CEO.

Stern wraps up the movie at this climactic point, with Jobs again directly associated with the brand he established and on the cusp of introducing the line of “i” computers, communications devices and entertainment products now so familiar to consumers.”


Click this link to read the rest of the review at The Hollywood Reporter.


JOBS is directed by Joshua Michael Stern and is scheduled to be released on August 16th 2013.

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 Latest News on The Movie JOBS
Charmaine Blake
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