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Looper Movie Review

Looper Movie Review Looper Movie Review

Looper Movie Review

If you are a fan of science fiction films, you will absolutely love Looper. Looper is rated R and is out on September 28th. It is Directed by up and coming director Rian Johnson who previously directed The Brothers Bloom, Looper focuses its plot on time travel and features well known film star Bruce Willis in one of the lead roles. Production began on this film back in January of 2011, and it is slated to be released on September 28, 2012. The film is likely to make a splash for its intense plot which features criminal organizations, an innovative take on time travel and time traveling technology enough blood and danger to keep the most unexcitable fan on the edge of their seat. This film has earned honors already and has been chosen to be the opening film for this year’s TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), an honor that is not given away lightly.


The film starts out in 2047, in a gangland of the future with 25 year old ‘professional’ killer Joseph Simmons, who works as a ‘Looper,’ an agent that is tasked with hunting agents that are sent from the year 2077. However, Simmons is faced with quite a conundrum when he finds that the latest target he is tasked with killing is actually Simmons himself back from the future. When he allows this future version of himself to escape capture, his employers begin to pursue him, forcing him to chase his older self while struggling to avoid facing his own demise.


As this is a time travel film, we get to see lead character Joseph Simmons in two different points in his life. The older version of Joseph Simmons from the future at age 55 is played by Bruce Willis. The younger version of Joseph Simmons in the present at age 25 is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Emily Blunt has been cast in the role of Sara, a strong Midwestern girl who knows her way around a shotgun and knows how to wield an axe.


This movie was both written and directed by director Rian Johnson. He worked with producer Ram Gergman who he also worked with on The Brothers Bloom in 2008. He hoped to begin production on Looper in the year 2009, but it did not come to pass until much later than anticipated. The first actor to be cast for the movie was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was cast in May of 2010. Bruce Willis was the next to sign on, also in May of 2010. In October of 2010, Emily Blunt joined the cast. In January of 2011 filming began in Louisiana. In April, filming moved the Shanghai. The effects for the time-travel sequences are said to have been created by the legendary Shane Carruth.

If you are interested in the movie Looper, you will be glad to know that we will have all of the latest news about Looper, inside reports about the movie, Looper trailers, pictures from the movie Looper and videos about the film all right here on the blog for your enjoyment.


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Eddie Woods is the Founder and Publisher of New Movie Launches and has always been a big movie lover. Eddie is an Internet & Mobile Marketing expert & entrepreneur, and a musician. His companies TrueNorth3 Internet Marketing Labs, & TrueNorth3 Mobile Social Local are based in New York and Connecticut, and deliver cutting edge online & mobile marketing services to businesses across the United States. Eddie is also a partner in TuneLabs Music Group which produces original music for Film, TV, Internet, Mobile & Radio.
 Looper Movie Review
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