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New Movie: Stuck In Love

Stuck In Love Movie Trailer New Movie: Stuck In Love

New Movie: Stuck in Love

If there is one film genre that seems to attract critical praise, the dramedy is it. Movies like 50/50, Silver Linings Playbook, and Moonrise Kingdom seem to get a lot of publicity these days, and for good reason. Movies of this type have to rely on quality performances rather than flashy special effects or even great writing. In fact, those quality performances are often given by lesser known actors and actresses. Queue up the hype for the upcoming Stuck in Love, formerly known as Writers. This potential indie gem should make audiences feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while also providing plenty of awkward moments and ensuing hilarity.

Stuck in Love stars Greg Kinnear, whose immature-yet-paternal tendencies may harken back to Little Miss Sunshine, as the head of a dysfunctional family struggling to figure out life and love. Kinnear takes the role of William Borgen, a successful writer who must deal with personal struggles related to his ex-wife, as well as the coming-of-age antics of his promiscuous daughter and socially-awkward son. Early trailers reveal a film that is sure to include plenty of sexual tension, teen angst, and, of course, dramatic comedy. Stuck in Love has all the makings of a critical darling, and will look to provide audiences with a light-hearted beginning to the summer film season.

Stuck in Love also stars Jennifer Connelly of A Beautiful Mind fame, as well as Kristen Bell, who has history with this type of film. Logan Lerman, leading man in the Percy Jackson film series, will take the role of Kinnear’s teenage son, and The Blind Side’s Lily Collins stars as William’s rebellious daughter. Other notable actors include Spencer Breslin (The Happening), Rusty Joiner (Resident Evil: Extinction), and Patrick Schwarzenegger — Yes, the son of that popular Schwarzenegger guy.

The film debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in 2012, and reviews are already available for those on the fence. Stuck in Love is already garnering acclaim from critics and fans alike, who cite the movie’s solid writing and great supporting performances as reasons to check it out. The few negative reviews have docked the movie for an all-too-familiar narrative and the appearance of too many indie-style scenarios. This type of film does not appeal to everyone, but those that can relate to such a story will undoubtedly be singing its praise after its release.

Stuck in love is the definition of an independent film, as it is the first and only credit of writer/director Josh Boone. Stuck in Love is set to release in April, but keep in mind that it will only receive a limited run. Check the listings of smaller theatres near you, because chances are slim that the major movie hubs will carry it. The film was produced by Informant Media and will be distributed in the US by Millennium Entertainment. Stuck in Love carries an MPAA rating of R for language, teen drug and alcohol use, and some sexual content, so parents be warned. Indie audiences looking to start the summer off with a gem should consider Stuck in Love.

As reviews continue to roll in, check back here at http://www.newmovielaunches.com/ for the latest news, inside reports, trailers, pictures, and videos.

Greg Meier is a freelance writer currently residing in Roanoke, VA. He prides himself on providing readers with content that is both original and compelling. His areas of expertise include entertainment, sports, and technology, but he also enjoys writing on other topics ranging from education to marketing. When Greg is not writing, he enjoys playing tennis, watching movies, and dabbling in digital art and design.
 New Movie: Stuck In Love
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