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October Baby

October Baby October Baby

October Baby: An Inspiring Movie That Will Touch The Hearts Of People All Over The World

October Baby is a culmination of talented actors, directors, writers and organizations that want to give a brand new story to everyone this March 23rd 2012. October Baby stars Rachel Hendrix as Hannah, Jason Burkey as Jason, John Scheider as Jacob and Jasmine Guy as Nurse Mary. These actors are also joined by Shari Rigby, Jennifer Price and Chris Sligh. October Baby is directed and written by Andrew and Jon Erwin with the help of Theresa Preston. It can also be noted that October Baby has won awards at the Red Rock Film Festival in Utah. It garnered The Grand Jury Prize for Andrew and Jon Erwin and the Special Achievement Award for Rachel Hendrix. Let’s take a look at other interesting facts about this upcoming film.


The Synopsis Of October Baby

The trailer of October Baby starts with the main character, Hannah. A story about a life that almost wasn’t. Hannah is seen through the clip talking about her life and that just three weeks ago she found out that her life was a lie. She then decided to go to a trip and this trip will bring her closer to questions about her identity. She must embark on a journey that will lead her to discover life in a whole new perspective. Hannah will learn how to forgive, heal and most of all love. This inspiring film will bring an inspiring message to people all over the world. This message is flashed before our eyes at the end of the October Baby trailer. “Every Life Is Beautiful”

Behind The Scenes Of October Baby


october baby movie pictures October Baby


The directors, Andrew and Jon Erwin were inspired to make this movie because of their love for movies. They wanted to create a movie that will not only be enjoyed by audiences all over the world but one that will inspire them to see the beauty in life. The producers of this movie, October Baby have also made a commitment to give 10% of their profits to “Every Life Is Beautiful Fund”. This is their way of showing support to women who are facing pregnancy crisis in their current life. This contribution will also be able to support organizations who are caring for orphans and those who are supporting life-affirming adoption agencies. It is no secret that a lot of people often find their paths shadowed by obstacles and challenges that veers them away from the true beauty of life. October Baby is an inspiring film that will help people see that every moment in life is beautiful and that life itself is beautiful.

Words cannot express how moved I was by OCTOBER BABY. In today’s society with so many kids growing up without purpose, this film captures the essence of the importance of every person’s life. At this critical time in the life of our culture, I am calling every man, father, grandfather and father figure to see this magnificent film. You must see film!” An inspirational quote from Carey Casey the CEO of National Center for Fathering is one of the many acclaims to this anticipated film.

Make sure that you get your tickets for October Baby that will be shown in theaters on March 23rd 2012.


Stay tuned for more upcoming “Drama” films right in this blog.

Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 October Baby
Charmaine Blake
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One Response to “October Baby”

  1. hj angel says:

    Decent film. Definite pro-life message but that shouldn’t be a problem even if you happen to be pro-choice- this is America! Well worth the price of the ticket. The premise of this movie is strangely similar to a recent novel, ONLY WOMEN BLEED, by L.J. Rivard. The main character in the novel learns on her twenty-first birthday that she survived abortion as an infant. The novel’s main character, Jessica, also was born in October! She goes on a quest to find out the truth about her beginnings, in particular, the woman who aborted her. The book is not preachy at all, like some of the comments I’ve heard about the movie. It’s a good read, written by a lawyer, and so I learned a little something about the state of abortion law in this country as a bonus. ONLY WOMEN BLEED is available on amazon. The similarities between the book and the movie are a little uncanny since the topic is so unique, but I’d recommend both!

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