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Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie Trailer

Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie Trailer Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie Trailer

Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie Trailer

Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker, Elijah Wood and Norman Reedus stars in a new comedy this July in Pawn Shop Chronicles. This new movie is about a missing wedding ring that leads everyone to a wild-goose chase that will introduce them to skinheads, Elvis impersonators and meth addicts! Pawn Shop Chronicles will surely leave audiences wondering what will happen next to a very simple predicament that leads to a hilarious turn of events. Find out more about this new film in the articles below:


“The Craziness of Pawn Shop Chronicles

Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie TrailerI’ve always felt South African writer/director Wayne Kramer is more than a little under appreciated in Hollywood. His films tend to have a Grimm fairytale-like quality to them despite their modern settings. THE COOLER is a magical film set during the end of the Mob-run Vegas casinos, while the twisted thriller RUNNING SCARED is possibly Paul Walker’s finest hour in a seedy violent story that literally has everything and is as dark as films can get without crossing a certain line.

Speaking of Walker, he’s also onboard Kramer’s all-star ensemble PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES, which from the look of this hilarious first trailer is another unique ‘adventure’. However, it’s literally a mind-blowing assault on the senses that I’ve no clue what’s going on – but it sure looks fun!

PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES co-stars Norman Reedus, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Vincent D’Onofrio, Thomas Jane, Lukas Haas, Rachelle Lefevre, Chi McBride, Ashlee Simpson, Brendan Fraser and DJ Qualls, and hits US cinemas and on demand from 12th July. No details yet on a UK release.”


The original article can be read at The Hollywood News.

Here’s another buzz for the Pawn Shop Chronicles:


“Wayne Kramer’s Pawn Shop Chronicles

I think at one point director Wayne Kramer was supposed to be a pretty big-time director. He did “Running Scared” with Paul Walker after coming over from music videos in 2006, and followed that up with the ensemble drama “Crossing Over” in 2009. Neither of those movies really caught on, but he’s back with 2013′s “Pawn Shop Chronicles”, which despite its heavy and rather impressive looking ensemble cast, is only getting a limited theatrical showing along with a VOD release.

I can kinda see why this movie isn’t going big, though. The trailer (below) looks funny as hell, but it’s probably not the kind of movie that can make back its money in theaters, at least not in today’s market.

In this shop, these people may be pawning far more than they bargained for: Brendan Fraser (THE MUMMY), Elijah Wood (THE LORD OF THE RINGS), Vincent D’Onofrio (MEN IN BLACK), Academy Award® nominee Matt Dillon (CRASH), Norman Reedus (“The Walking Dead), Thomas Jane (“Hung”), Lukas Haas (INCEPTION), and Paul Walker (FAST & FURIOUS), star in 3 twisted tales all connected by items from a Southern small-town pawn shop. A man searching for his kidnapped wife, a couple of white-supremacist meth heads, and a sad-sack Elvis impersonator, plus more desperate characters come to life in the action-packed and hilarious story written by Adam Minarovich and from the director of THE COOLER and RUNNING SCARED, Wayne Kramer.

Starring Paul Walker, Norman Reedus, Elijah Wood, Brendan Fraser, Vincent D’Onofrio, Thomas Jane, Matt Dillon, Lukas Haas, DJ Qualls, Chi McBride and Ashlee Simpson.

Opening in selected cities nationwide and on VOD on Friday, July 12, 2013.”

Click here to view the article at Beyond Hollywood.

Pawn Shop Chronicles is directed by Wayne Kramer and is scheduled to be released on July 12th 2013.



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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 Pawn Shop Chronicles Movie Trailer
Charmaine Blake
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