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Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook is about to hit theatres this Friday, November 16th 2012 and everyone will be able to enjoy its quirky story. Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, Silver Linings Playbook weaves a wonderful story of challenges, love, reclamation and that silver lining that we often miss in our lives. So how is Silver Linings Playbook currently being rated? Well, according to Rotten Tomatoes, as of today it is garnering 84% fresh ratings from critics in the country. So let’s go ahead and check out a movie review written by Steven Rea for this new comedy film:


Silver Linings Playbook: A Head Spinning Wonder Movie

Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver in Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook Movie ReviewBradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence do a lot of running in Silver Linings Playbook. They intersect on suburban Philadelphia streets, out for their morning laps, their evening laps, huffing, puffing, jostling, fighting.

They’re trying to shed weight, these two. Not physical weight (although Cooper’s character complains his meds are making him fat), but the burdens they’re carrying around in their heads. Pat Solitano (Cooper, in an amazingly fierce, funny performance) and his uninvited tagalong, Tiffany, are damaged souls.
A head-spinning wonder of a movie about love and pain, reclamation and the totemic power of a National Football League franchise, Silver Linings Playbook opens the Philadelphia Film Festival on Thursday night and opens in theaters a month from now.

It is, without doubt, a transcendent endeavor, from its exhilaratingly smart screenplay – director David O. Russell’s adaptation of the novel by former South Jersey teacher Matthew Quick – to the unexpected and moving turns of its two leads. And by everybody else (Robert De Niro! Jacki Weaver! Chris Tucker! Anupam Kher!) in its remarkable cast.

It’s funny, it’s tragic, it dives into a world wholly recognizable (doubly so for Philly natives, who have trod the same sidewalks, supped at the same diners, sported the same DeSean Jackson jerseys), and it springs from a great Hollywood tradition – the storm-tossed romantic comedy. Boy meets girl, boy and girl are separated by momentous conflict, boy and girl overcome obstacles to get together and live happily ever after . . . or do they?

Pat Solitano is a high school English teacher who, in the opening of Silver Linings Playbook, is just out from eight months in a Baltimore psych ward. He found his wife with another guy, he lost it – and then he lost his job. So it’s home to his parents’ house in Ridley Park – Pat Sr. (De Niro, doing his best work in years) and Dolores (Weaver), a couple whose world turns on Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. On game days, Pat Sr. sits at the TV (he’s barred from attending the games; that’s another story), his Eagles kerchief folded just so, wearing his Eagles sweater, betting big money on his team.

Eagles fever has rubbed off on his son – how could it not? So has a certain manic temperament. Pat Jr., diagnosed with bipolar disorder, reports to his therapist’s office (the wonderfully wry Kher), hears Stevie Wonder crooning “My Cherie Amour,” and goes ballistic. That was their song – Pat and his wife, Nikki. And now he’s got a restraining order – he can’t even see her. The song is a “trigger.” There are plenty of others.”

Click here to continue reading at Philadelphia Inquirer


Don’t miss Silver Linings Playbook directed by David O. Russell tomorrow, November 16th 2012 at theatres near you.

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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review
Charmaine Blake
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