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Sinister Movie Trailer

Sinister Starring Ethan Hawke Sinister Movie Trailer

Sinister Movie Trailer

Sinister is an upcoming supernatural/horror film that will bring fans of this movie genre into a whole new story that will keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Sinister is directed by Scott Derrickson who also wrote the story with the help of C. Robert Cargill. The film also employs a “found footage” theme and its traditional cinematography. In brief, Sinister is a film that stars Ethan Hawke as a true-crime writer named Ellison and how he discovered a box of home movies that will put his family in peril. Let’s take a look at what else we can expect in this film.

The Cast of Sinister

Sinister will feature noted actors in the film industry. First up is Ethan Hawke as Ellison, the true-crime writer who decides to move to a new home with his family. Juliet Rylance plays the character Tracy, Ellison’s wife and Clare Foley as Ashley. The main cast is also accompanied by Michael Hall D’Addario as Trevor, Fred Thompson as the Sheriff, James Ransone as Deputy and Vincent D’Onofrio as Professor Jonas. Sinister is going to premiere in the United Kingdom for the London FrightFest and once again at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain.

The Plot of The Film

Ellison (Ethan Hawke) purchases a new home in his hope to bring a more successful book into writing. After they move into their new home, Ellison discovers a box of old home movies that showed how the past family lived in the house. The disturbing part is that even their murders are included. After some research, Ellison came across a supernatural being that is known as “Bagul”. It seems that the family’s murder all have a link to this said entity. The further he goes down the road the risk of gets higher. Ellison is now risking all that he has and most importantly his family.

The Production and Early Reviews of Sinister

Sinister is directed by Scott Direckson and produced by Jason Blum. The main production companies for this film are as follows: Automatik Entertainment, Possessed Pictures and Blumhouse Productions. Summit Entertainment will be the main distributor of this film in the United States. Sinister is also given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America due to some terror and disturbing violent images.

Sinister definitely receive great early reviews from top critics of the movie scene. Here are some of the things they said which makes Sinister a movie to anticipate:


“Your pants. Do you like having them scared off you? Then you and your pants will enjoy Sinister.” – Eric D. Snider, Film.com


The scares are not just intense but unyielding in this compelling horror yarn from The Exorcism of Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson.” – Peter Dubrage, Variety


“Look at the evil in the centre of this film, and it looks unblinkingly right back at you. Just as well, then, that there are enough mounting tensions and jolting jumpshocks here to have many viewers averting their eyes in sheer fright.” – Anton Bitel, Little White Lies


Looks like fans are really going to have a jolting time in the theatres with Sinister. Sinister is going to have a wide release on October 12th 2012. Don’t miss it!


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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 Sinister Movie Trailer
Charmaine Blake
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