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That’s My Boy Movie Trailer

Thats My Boy Thats My Boy Movie Trailer

That’s My Boy: A Brand New Comedy Film Starring Adam Sandler

That’s My Boy is a hilarious comedy that features Adam Sandler as Donny, who had a son during his teenage years. His son which he calls Todd is played by Andy Samberg was raised single handed by Donny up until his 18th birthday. After 40 years of being out of touch, Todd’s whole world comes to a chaotic mess when Donny shows up at the eve of his wedding day. Donny is trying to reconnect with son and must make amends and realize the mistakes he made as a parent. That’s My Boy is directed by Sean Anders with the help of John Morris. Let’s take a look at an interview with co-actor Will Forte on what to expect in this new film: That’s My Boy

That’s My Boy: Will Forte’s Interview On This New Film

No matter what you thought about Adam Sandler’s last few zany comedies, there are more than a few reasons to be excited about his next release, “That’s My Boy.”

First, it’s Sandler’s first-ever R-rated comedy. Second, it features a cast of former and current “SNL” players like Andy Samberg and Will Forte, as well as James Caan and Vanilla Ice. And third, the outrageous plot revolves around a deadbeat father (Sandler) who attempts to reconnect with his long-lost son (Samberg) on the week of his wedding.

MTV News recently caught up with funnyman Forte to find out all about the on-set antics, Sandler’s genius abilities in the art of swearing, how awesome Vanilla Ice is in the film and if we’ll ever see a “MacGruber” sequel.

MTV News: In looking at the cast and concept of this film, it seems as though you probably had a lot of fun on set.

Will Forte: It was a ton of fun. I’ve always watched Sandler movies and thought, “Oh my God, that looks like it would be so much fun.” They’re always in Hawaii or some glamorous setting, and it really is as much fun as you would think it would be. It was like going to summer camp for this. Everyone was so cool. He’s such a loyal and good person. He always works with the same people on the crew, so it’s a real family-like atmosphere.

MTV: How does your character fit into the mix?

Forte: I play this guy named Bill, and he is Andy’s best man. I don’t really know Andy that well, so you find out later when Adam comes to find Andy on his wedding weekend, I give up my best-man duties to Adam. It’s definitely not a straight man; he’s kind of a weirdo. It’s a fun character. There’s a mix of different types of characters in there. I’m one of the ones who gets to have a lot of fun and be an idiot.

MTV: How does the R rating enhance the fun factor?

Forte: It’s a completely different situation. There is so much going on in this movie. It’s a really fun movie. Adam Sandler has always been one of my comedy idols, so to get to work with him was really fun, and to add into that the R-rated part of this movie, it was so fun. There are very few people who can swear with the style and enunciation of Adam. He just hits them just right. It was so much fun. This movie feels like a throwback to some of the earlier Sandler movies, with the addition of swearing. I cannot tell you how fun this experience was. I feel like when you watch the movie, you can tell how much fun we had.”


You can read the rest of the interview at MTV.com

That’s My Boy will hit theaters on June 15th 2012

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Charmaine Blake loves movies, musical theater listening to music and taking pictures of anything that she finds interesting. She is a voracious reader and writer, and enjoys her time writing for New Movie Launches. Charmaine loves spending time with her pets and currently has a Siberian Husky, a toy poodle and a cat.
 Thats My Boy Movie Trailer
Charmaine Blake
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