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Amazon Video Announces New Shows And Movies For October




Amazon Video has released details of all the new TV shows and films it’s going to be rolling out onto its streaming service in October 2017. And it’s fair to say that the 60-plus titles deliver something for everyone. Including fans of AV quality, as it happens, as all four of the new Amazon Original Series on the list will be available in both 4K resolution and high dynamic range.

These four 4K/HDR Amazon Originals are season three of excellent coming of age comedy Red Oaks, and three debut series: Lore, Sigmund And The Sea Monsters, and Inside Edge. Lore is based on the popular podcast of the same name, and is pitched as an ‘unscripted horror anthology series dealing with scary and often paranormal true events that have spawned modern-day nightmares’.

Sigmund… is a live action kids’ show about two brothers who help a friendly sea monster avoid a hunter. Inside Edge is, as its name suggests, a series about cricket – or rather ‘which combines the worlds of cricket and entertainment’, according to Amazon.

Photo: Arrival, Paramount Pictures

Amy Adams in sci-fi classic, Arrival.


Amazon is also rolling out two new Original films in October that underline the diversity of content Amazon seems to be aiming for these days. Documentary City Of Ghosts follows a group of activists trying forced to go undercover when their homeland is taken over by ISIS, while The Wall tells a fictional tale of two US soldiers pinned down by a relentless sniper in Iraq.

Other highlights being licensed to Amazon Video from other studios include season six of American Horror Story, season five of The Americans, superb Denis Villeneuve sci-fi movie Arrival, Coen Brothers classic Fargo, and one of my personal guilty pleasures, 1995’s Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone.

Here’s the full list of October additions to Prime Video and Amazon Channels. And just to be clear, they’re organized according to launch date, not quality…

New TV shows streaming on Prime

Beauty and the Baker, Season 1, 10/2/17

American Horror Story, Season 6, 10/3/17

The Americans, Season 5, 10/5/17

The Fashion Hero Season 1, 10/6/17

Inside Edge Season 1, 10/9/17

Lore Season 1, 10/13/17

Sigmund and the Sea Monster Season 1, 10/13/17

Red Oaks Season 3, 10/20/17

New movies streaming on Prime

Abandoned Mine (2012), 10/1/17

Alcoholist (2016), 10/1/2017

Apartment 1303 (2012), 10/1/17

Bunker of the Dead (2015), 10/1/17

Clueless (1995), 10/1/17

Photo: Clueless, Paramount Pictures

Alicia Silverstone on sparkling form in Clueless.


Election (1999), 10/1/17

Escape from LA (1996), 10/1/17

Fargo (1996), 10/1/17

Ghost World (2001), 10/1/17

Ghoulies (1984), 10/1/17

Ghoulies II (1987), 10/1/17

I Believe in Unicorns (2014), 10/1/17

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1987), 10/1/17

Jug Face (2013), 10/1/17

Margot At the Wedding (2007), 10/1/17

Needlestick (2017), 10/1/17

Pet Sematary (1989), 10/1/17

Pet Sematary Two (1992), 10/1/17

Pi (1998), 10/1/17

Queens and Cowboys (2014), 10/1/17

Scareycrows (2017), 10/1/17

Snake Eyes (1998), 10/1/17

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (1986), 10/1/17

The Machinist (2004), 10/1/17

The Whistleblower (2011), 10/1/17

Unlimited (2015), 10/1/17

Song to Song (2017), 10/2/17

Blood Hunters (2016), 10/4/17

Save My Seoul (2017), 10/4/17

Blair Witch (2016), 10/7/17

Megan Leavey (2017), 10/7/17

5150 (2016), 10/11/17

City Of Ghosts (2017), 10/13/17

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016), 10/14/17

Photo: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Paramount Pictures

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


The Other Dream Team (2012), 10/15/17

The Whole Truth (2016), 10/15/17

Fight For Space (2016), 10/18/17

The Wall (2017), 10/20/17

Awaken The Shadowman (2017), 10/25/17

The Liberators (2016), 10/25/17

Arrival (2016), 10/28/17

Priceless (2016), 10/29/17

Available for Streaming on Amazon Video


Family Guy, Season 16, 10/2/17

The Last Man on Earth, Season 4, 10/2/17

Mr. Robot, Season 3, 10/12/17


Under an Arctic Sky, Rental date 10/3/17, Start date 9/5/17

13 Minutes, Rental date 10/3/17, Start date 10/3/17

Girls Trip, Rental date 10/17/17, Start date 10/3/17

The Emoji Movie, Rental date 10/24/17, Start date 10/10/17

Kidnap, Rental date n/a, Start date 10/17/17

The Dark Tower, Rental date, 10/31/17, Start date 10/17/17

Cars 3 (Theatrical), Rental date n/a, Start date 10/24/17

Cars 3 (With Bonus Features), Rental date n/a, Start date 10/24/17

Available for Streaming on Amazon Channels


Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 9, 10/1/17

Poldark, Season 3, 10/2/17

Sid the Science Kid, Season 3, 10/2/17

White Famous, Season 1, 10/15/17

The Durrells in Corfu, Season 2, 10/16/17


Central Intelligence, on Cinemax, 10/1/17

Proximity: The Series, on Outside TV Features, 10/19/17

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