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Hollywood remembers Penny Marshall



(CNN) Penny Marshall’s legacy will live on forever in Hollywood.

“Marshall, who rose to fame on TV’s “Laverne & Shirley,” went on to direct films like “Big” and “A League of Their Own.”
In the wake of her death, celebrities took time to share their favorite memories of her and how she affected them.

Rob Reiner

“I loved Penny. I grew up with her. She was born with a great gift. She was born with a funnybone and the instinct of how to use it. I was very lucky to have lived with her and her funnybone. I will miss her.”

Rosie O’Donnell

“1996 Kmart TV Commercial with Penny Marshall and Rosie O’Donnell via @YouTube – simply heartbroken #ripPENNY.”

Tom Hanks

“Goodbye, Penny. Man, did we laugh a lot! Wish we still could. Love you. Hanx.”

Ron Howard

“#RIPPennyMarshall She was funny & so smart. She made the transition from sitcom star to A List movie director with ease & had a major impact on both mediums. All that & always relaxed, funny & totally unpretentious. I was lucky to have known & worked with her.”

Geena Davis

“I’m terribly sad to hear the news about Penny passing. My heart goes out to Tracy Reiner and her family. Penny brought so much joy to so many and will be sorely missed. I will be forever grateful to her for letting me be a part of A League of Their Own.” Geena Davis

Russell Crowe

“Yesterday I held a Golden Gloves award from the 1930’s, given to me by Penny Marshall.
Hadn’t seen it in years. Then today’s news… Penny told me the story of Jim Braddock, which became the movie Cinderella Man. She was kind, she was crazy, so talented and she loved movies. RIP.”

Dan Rather

“Mourning the loss of a funny, poignant, and original American voice. Penny Marshall was a pioneer in television and the big screen who understood humor comes in many forms and some of life’s deeper truths require a laugh. She will be missed. May she RIP.”

Billy Crystal

“Sad to hear of Penny Marshall’s passing. a great comedienne a terrific director and a dear friend.”

Bette Midler

“The Marshall family grieves again as the great #PennyMarshall dies at age 75. What an extraordinary family they were and continue to be, and how much love and sympathy my family and I send their way. The end of an era.”

Danny DeVito

“Penny was a sweet woman. I was very fortunate to spend time with her. So many laughs. She had a heart of gold. Tough as nails. She could play round ball with the best of them. Always all love, D.”

Ava DuVernay

“Thank you, Penny Marshall. For the trails you blazed. The laughs you gave. The hearts you warmed. “

Busy Philipps

“Oh Penny Marshall. Rest In Peace and thank you for everything.””

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Lady Gaga wins her first Oscar for ‘Shallow’

Charmaine Blake



Lady Gaga won her first Oscar at the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

Image: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

“Lady Gaga is an Academy Award winner, folks.

The best song of the year, “Shallow” from A Star Is Born, earned Lady Gaga an Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday night, marking the first time the music legend has earned an Oscar. She shared the honor with co-writers Mark Daniel Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt.

I mean, come on, listen to this:

“I worked hard for a long time and it’s not about winning, but what’s about is not giving up,” Lady Gaga said in her acceptance speech. “If you have a dream, fight for it.”

Lady Gaga is also up for the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in A Star Is Born, the first person to ever be nominated for both awards on the same night. Earlier in February, Lady Gaga was nominated for four Grammys for the song “Shallow” and won two.

A Star Is Born was up for eight awards in total at the Oscars, and the award for Best Original Song was the film’s first of the night.

Lady Gaga received her first and only other Oscar nomination in 2016 for the song, “Til It Happens to You,” for the documentary The Hunting Ground.”

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Bradley Cooper shares how he altered his voice for ‘A Star Is Born’

Charmaine Blake



“Of all the enchanting things about A Star is Born, one of the most mesmerising has to be Bradley Cooper’s distinctly low voice that he manages to maintain throughout the movie.

Well, Cooper let Stephen Colbert in on his secret for how he trained his voice to plummet to new vocal depths. Turns out he drew inspiration from his co-star Sam Elliott.

“One of the things, I knew I wanted to lower my voice. But I didn’t want to make him too country,” said Cooper. “Sam Elliott is from Sacramento but his mother was from Texas, so he has this accent that you can’t quite place. But it’s so wonderfully iconic.”

Cooper says in order to achieve the Elliott-esque low voice, he’d do a warmup using a tagline. But for the first six months, he could only do it while hunched over.

“I would go to sleep and my throat would hurt and I thought, well this is never gonna happen. That was what I was most terrified of, was his voice,” Cooper said. “I always had this warmup line which was a line from an interview [Elliott] did at Sundance which I played him when he came over to my house.”

Cooper performed his warmup in the video above using the tagline: “this part here is about as good as it gets for me”.

Goodness me, someone give that man an Oscar.”

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What happened when M. Night Shyamalan told his dad he got into film school



“M. Night Shyamalan’s dad is so proud of his son these days that he apparently pays for everything — even gum — with a credit card — just so people will see his last name.

But it wasn’t always that way. Back when a young M. Night Shyamalan first broke the news of his showbiz career plans to his family — who are all doctors — his father wasn’t exactly impressed.

“My dad was watching a hockey game and I said, ‘Dad I applied to NYU film school, I got in as a scholarship, and I’m gonna go’, and he didn’t even look at me,” Shyamalan tells Stephen Colbert in the clip above. “He just kept watching the game.”

Still, at least it all worked out in the end.”

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