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Spike Lee on Casey Afflecks Rise and Nate Parkers Fall: It Was a Dirty, Low-Down Shame

Charmaine Blake



Those whove consumed his biographyor taken in the lovely film Southside with Youknow that, were it not for the work of Spike Lee, an associate attorney at the Chicago-based law firm Sidley & Austin may not have granted a second date to their summer intern in 89.

He was trying to show me his sophisticated side by selecting an independent filmmaker, and it ended up being a pretty good moviereally great, recalled Michelle Obama, ne Robinson.

That movie was Do the Right Thing, and the young, dauntless intern none other than Barack Obama, who would go on to become the first black president of these United States.

Three years prior to the summer of 89, however, came Lees groundbreaking debut: Shes Gotta Have It. It told the tale of Nola Darling, a vivacious (and insatiable) young Brooklynite juggling a trio of disparate male suitors: a polite young professional, a vain model, and an immature motormouth. The film, shot in 12 days for a meager $175,000, would not only become a seminal entry in American indie cinema, but also popularize its locale of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

More than thirty years later, Lee has decided to adapt his debut feature into a 10-episode Netflix series, featuring the striking DeWanda Wise as Nola. And it is stellar, expanding on the originals themes of female independence and sexuality and exploring new ones like gentrification, politics, and the steep psychological toll of sexual harassment.

Its a part of the culture now, and I really gotta give a shout-out to my wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, whos the executive producer. It was her idea. I never even thought about ever doing it as a series, but she watches a lot of television and knew it would work, says Lee. The question is, if and when were going to have a second season. Its up to Mr. Netflix.

Were seated across from one another in a pair of ornate purple chairsan homage to the late Princein the bowels of the 60-year-old filmmakers production office, 40 Acres and a Mule, in Fort Greene. The building doubles as a pop culture museum, boasting wall-upon-wall of memorabilia, from vintage movie posters to assorted artworks, including a Shepard Fairey portrait of Barack Obama containing an inscription reading, Spike, thanks for the inspiration, and signed by the 44th president.

Here, we discuss Shes Gotta Have It and much more. [Warning: Spoilers]

I really enjoyed Shes Gotta Have It. And the series ends with a lovely little homage to the late, great Prince, with the entire gang dancing to Raspberry Beret.

Yes, Episode 10 is another one of my homages to my brother Prince. I knew I wanted to write the first and last episodes. My approach to the first episode was to set the terrainthe environmentfor people who havent seen the movie. Its like the first issue of a comic book: you set the characters up. And then in episodes 2-9, explore. But I always knew I wanted to save the Thanksgiving dinner until the finale. And in that last episode, everythings purple. When Nola Darling is preparing the Thanksgiving meal, shes wearing a 1999 shirt. She gives out purple [guitar] pins to her guests.

If the critics really think I have a women problem, please go to my IMDb, look at my feature filmsand my documentariesand be very specific what women problems youre talking about.
Spike Lee

That was a nice touch.

Heres another thing Id like to address in this article: Ive been reading so many things about how Spike Lee has a women problem. The reason why that started is the ill-advised rape scene in [Shes Gotta Have It], and Ive been on record for many, many years discussing how I regret it. But that ill-advised scene, for me, does not speak to my three decades of making films and my portrayals of women. They keep saying in quotations Spike Lees women problem, and then theres no follow-up. So, if the critics really think I have a women problem, please go to my IMDb, look at my feature filmsand my documentariesand be very specific what women problems youre talking about. Theyve been saying it as a backhanded compliment when writing about the series: Oh, well I like this but in the past Ive had issues with his films because of his women problems. If thats your opinion, and youre giving constructive criticism, enlighten me and tell me what women, what scenes, and what films.

Other than that sequence in Shes Gotta Have It, I cant off the top of my head think of any major problematic scenes of women in your films.

And again, Ive said it a million times, if there was one thing I could take back, it would be the rape scene. But that was my first film, over thirty years ago. These critics dont even begrudgingly say, Well, we have seen some growth over the last thirty years. Im not the filmmaker or the human being that made that film over 12 days in July 1985, for $175,000. I dont even know why people are making the comparisons. That film was 86 minutes and here, we have ten episodes. Its a much bigger world and a much larger canvas. And its not one singular voice. I wrote a script; Lynn Nottage, whos won two Pulitzer prizes, wrote another; Eisa Davis, Radha Blank, my sister Joie Lee wrote scripts; my wife Tonya was heavily involved in it, as an executive-producer; and even my daughter, Satchel, was in the writers room. It was not a mistake that women were involved in thisthey were an integral part of it. That was the plan.

The first episode is bookended in an interesting fashionwith a montage of men catcalling women on the street and Nola Darling being assaulted.

Right. That replaced the rape.

Its an interesting choice, though, to have Nola Darling end up with a woman instead of her three male suitors. The original film ended on a more nebulous note, with Nola speaking to the camera and reflecting on her experiences.

Shes evolved, you know? We understood that it was important for this to not only reflect the male gaze but Barry Michael Cooper did create Shemeka and Raqueletta Moss. Those are his creations.

Speaking of Shemeka, that exploding butt sequence has a lot of people talking.

Well, its a cautionary tale. I mean, women cant afford these butt augmentations that these famous women have, so they get the cheap, bootleg, Home Depot silicone version, and they end up dying or scarred for life. What people I think are missing about that is, what were really trying to talk about in that episode is that theres this pressure through the media where you have to be a certain body type. These womens self-esteem is so low that they feel that by having this butt, and making themselves more desirable, itll make them feel better. But they need to embrace self-love. Thats what this thing is about: the mental state of someone who wants those butt injections. I guess you could say its the same thing with breasts, too.

I had an interesting conversation once with one of my black female colleagues about depictions of black sexuality onscreen. We were discussing Idris Elba, and how neither of us could recall ever so much as seeing him featured in a hot movie sex scene.

Hollywood has always had trouble with black sexuality, and thats why [the movie] Shes Gotta Have It was differentpeople had never seen that before. The MPAA definitely had a problem with the sexuality in Shes Gotta Have It. They were giving us hell. But generally, there are double standards. [The MPAA] is much more lenient with people getting their brains blown out versus sex.

The first episode of Shes Gotta Have It has Nola Darling discussing Denzels controversial Oscar loss for your film Malcolm X. And its the 25th anniversary of the film. And the series, of course, ends with the Prince homage. I read that Prince also helped finance Malcolm X.

Yeah! Prince, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Tracy Chapman, Janet Jackson. We went over [budget], but the film ended up costing what the budget was. Warner Bros. just cut the budget, so people came through. Oprah Winfrey, too. She was there as well.

You made an interesting move on that press tour, where you only agreed to be interviewed by black journalists. It ended up having a very positive impact. It led to a lot of newsrooms having internal discussions about their representation problems, and the editor of Premiere even came forward to say that they hired a black editor and writer because of the mandate.

I was just very leery of how the white press was going to portray this film, so I just said that Id like to speak to African-American journalists. I felt theyd be more sympathetic, and understand. Malcolm had been smeared as a hatemonger and all that, and I didnt want to go through it. And even today, I heard that [Colin] Kaepernick demanded that the clothes he wear for the GQ cover be made by black designers.

Were entering awards season, and there was an interesting interview recently with Armie Hammer where he discussed the industry double standard of Nate Parker and Casey Affleck, and how Nates movie The Birth of a Nation bombed and he was effectively blacklisted from Hollywood after his rape allegation surfaced, while Casey, who settled two sexual harassment lawsuits, went on to win the Best Actor Oscar.

Over Denzel! And [Casey Affleck] settled several times. I dont know the exact details of it. One day, someones going to write a book about that whole thing, because Ive never seen someone fall so quick. I just find it strange that on the same day, Variety and Hollywood Reporter reported [on Parker]. There were some shenanigans there.

Armie also said in that interview that a rival producer had leaked documents on Parker to the press.

I know who it is. Im not going to say who it is. But they do that type of stuff. [The Birth of a Nation] was a film that they knew was a lock, so they had to come up with some dirt to knock it out. And they were very successful. It was a dirty, low-down shame. A dope-fiend double-cross. Its still a great film, too. Ill go on record and say thats a great film, and I said it the first time I saw it at Sundance.

And you have that line, too, in the first episode of Shes Gotta Have It, with Nola saying that Denzel better not lose the Oscar for Fences. And then he did.

That line was added after the Oscars. And he better not lose for Fences, too! [Laughs]

Are you and Denzel going to reunite anytime soon?

I hope so. In this order: Mo Better, Malcolm X, He Got Game, Inside Man. Thats four, so we need a fifth.

While were discussing potential projects, is School Daze 2 ever gonna happen? It came out in the Sony hack that you wanted Drake to star in the sequel as PE*NIS.

Were gonna do it as a Broadway musical. But that was way, wayI never spoke to Drake about it, but I wanted him.

And Kanye was supposed to star in Chiraq, too.

In the early stages, we were going to have him be the Nick Cannon character.

I read an old interview about your interactions with Harvey

Who, Weinstein? Im not talkin about him.

This was about Pulp Fiction, and how you called him up when it came out and yelled at him for all the uses of the N-word in the movie.

Oh. I called him out. I asked him, Would you use a Jewish slur 226 times in a movie? And he said, No.

Time magazine recently released their Person of the Year cover, and they dedicated it to the women of the #MeToo movement, several of whom graced the cover. But they neglected to include Tarana Burke, the woman who actually started the Me Too movement.

How come shes not on the cover?!

Your guess is as good as mine. They had Taylor Swift on the cover and didnt have the woman who started the Me Too movement.

Well, lets be honest: they thought Taylor Swift was going to sell more magazines. Are they getting flack about that? I hope so.

Its fascinating that the Me Too movement was started by a black woman for black women a decade ago, way ahead of today. Although, classic move.

Classic! That aint the first time that shit has happened! [Laughs] Dont you know Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis invented rock n roll?! Come on, man!

Your cousin, Malcolm D. Lee, is having quite the year with Girls Trip. And a lot of people are pushing for Tiffany Haddish to be nominated for an Oscar, especially since its looking like we might run into another potential #OscarsSoWhite situation with the acting noms.

Yup, Malcolm Donald Lee! His father and my father are brothers. Hes his own man, and were all happy for his success. But with the Oscars, well seeI know Universal is really pushing for Get Out to get in there. And it will. It will get Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay nominations. You watch. And Dee Rees. Shes gonna get Director.

I loved Mudbound, but am worried that because its Netflix the Academy Awards might overlook it. That same problem occurred with Beasts of No Nation, which was also excellent.

I liked that a lot. That kid [Abraham Attah] was amazing. But I do think theres a bias, where if a film comes out on these streaming services, theyre not voting for it. Theyre scared of these things. Netflix and Amazon are killing the game, so theyre worriedjust like the cinema chains, who wont do day-and-date releases.

Back to Shes Gotta Have It. Its nice to see a show shot in New York City. You dont see too many shows or movies filmed in Brooklyn, unless its something like Girls.

Pshhh. What Brooklyn is that? [Laughs]

But your show presents a very realistic depiction of modern-day Brooklyngentrification and allin Episode 9 of the series.

Thats one of the things we wanted to do. I had never heard of gentrification when I wrote the script back in 1985. I heard about it later, because we talked about gentrification in Do the Right Thing when John Savages character stepped on Buggin Outs pristine Jordans. I wrote that script in 88, so I was talking about gentrification in 1988. But thats the purpose of the opening credits sequence, with the black-and-white photographs by my brother, David Lee. The black-and-white photographs he shot in 85, and the color photographs are ones he shot recently, so we wanted to show the juxtaposition between pre-gentrified Fort Greene and today.

And how are you feeling about that?

[Laughs] Come on, youve seen the episode! You heard my rant at Pratt Institute!

[Laughs]. Touch. How are you holding up, by the way? Its been a crazy/rough year.

Well, you saw it in [Episode 8], which begins with that great song by Stew, Klown Wit Da Nuclear Code. But, you know, one day at a time. Insanity is a normal day now. Heres my comment: a lot of people are going to be on the wrong side of history. The Wrong side, with a capital W.

Theres a lovely scene in Shes Gotta Have It of Nola Darling painting a portrait of the Obama family over the course of an episode. Its a beautifully symbolic image. Theres no comment on it, even, she just fills it in gradually with color over the course of the episode.

Those were the good ol days! Theyre like, Alright, muthafuckasyou miss us now, dont you?! I know one thing: they didnt own slaves. They didnt own slaves! Thats where we are.

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Judy Garland lives again, in the form of Rene Zellweger in ‘Judy’: Photo



Rene Zellweger in 2017

Image: Jason Laveris / FilmMagic

Renée Zellweger is practically unrecognizable in her latest film role… but she does bear a striking resemblance to somebody else.

Pathé UK has released the first official photo from Judy, which stars Zellweger as silver screen legend Judy Garland. 

(For comparison, here’s a photo of Garland in 1960, via Vanity Fair.)

The film takes place in the late 1960s, as Garland arrives in London for a series of concerts. By this point, Garland is well into her 40s and her memorable turn in The Wizard of Oz is nearly thirty years behind her. 

But even as she prepares to face crowds of adoring fans, she’s still battling the demons left behind by her troubled childhood in Hollywood.

Judy, which started shooting Monday, also stars Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, and Michael Gambon. Rupert Goold (True Story) directs from a script by Tom Edge (Lovesick). Some of Garland’s most beloved songs will be featured in the movie, including “Over the Rainbow.”

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Madonna to direct movie based on life of ballerina Michaela DePrince



MGM announces the singer will direct Taking Flight, the story of DePrinces journey from war orphan in Sierra Leone to world-class ballerina

Madonna is to return to the movies after a seven-year absence to direct Taking Flight, a feature film based on the life of Michaela DePrince, a war orphan from Sierra Leone who became a leading ballerina.

According to Deadline, Hollywood studio MGM has been developing the project since 2015 when it acquired the rights to DePrinces memoir, co-written with her adoptive mother, Elaine.

Michaelas journey resonated with me deeply as both an artist and an activist who understands adversity, Madonna said. We have a unique opportunity to shed light on Sierra Leone, and let Michaela be the voice for all the orphaned children she grew up beside. I am honoured to bring her story to life.

Ballet dancer Michaela DePrince in Johannesburg, in 2012. Photograph: Gallo Images/Rex/Shutterstock

DePrince, 23, lost both of her parents in Sierra Leones civil war when she was three years old. The following year, she was adopted by a New Jersey couple and brought to the US, where she developed a passion for ballet. She was one of the stars of 2011 documentary First Position, about young ballet hopefuls, and is a soloist with the Dutch National Ballet and Opera. She also appeared in Beyoncs music video album, Lemonade.

We were immediately awestruck by Michaelas journey and know Madonnas vision and passion for the material will deliver a film that inspires audiences everywhere, said producer Leslie Morgenstein.

No cast or released date has yet been finalised. Camilla Blackett, writer of the comedy series Fresh Off the Boat, will write the screenplay.

Madonna is the bestselling female recording artist of all time but her movie career has been more chequered, especially behind the camera. Her 2008 feature debut, Filth and Wisdom, was described by the Guardians Peter Bradshaw as a dumb and tacky comedy-drama about three people sharing a flat in a quaintly conceived London. Its follow-up, 2011s WE, in which Andrea Riseborough played Wallis Simpson, was also critically panned, with Bradshaw describing it as one long humourless and necrophiliac swoon at the Windsors supposed tragi-romantic glamour.

Madonna wrote, produced and narrated 2008 documentary I Am Because We Are, about children in Malawi orphaned by the Aids epidemic. She has adopted four children from Malawi, including twin girls in 2017.

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‘Black Panther’ Hits $1 Billion Mark In Worldwide Box Office Numbers



“Black Panther” has surpassed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, challenging industry norms about films with black casts. 

The Marvel blockbuster passed the major benchmark on Friday, Forbes reports.

The film is now the United States’ ninth highest-grossing film of all time, and had the second-largest four-day domestic opening weekend. “Black Panther” brought in $242 million in the U.S. over Presidents Day weekend, behind the $288 million “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” made when it opened in 2015. 

The international success of “Black Panther” has challenged the myth that films with predominately black casts don’t sell  and it helps unravel “unwritten Hollywood rules,” Jeff Bock, a senior analyst at entertainment research firm Exhibitor Relations, told The New York Times.

“I think about it like a wall crumbling,” Bock said. “In terms of ‘Black Panther,’ no studio can say again, ’Oh, black movies don’t travel, overseas interest will be minimal.’”

Stars of the film, including Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira, have spoken out about the importance of representation in the movie. “Black Panther,” which is set in the fictional country of Wakanda, shows the possibilities of an African society untouched by colonialism and gender inequity. 

“I think there’s a thirst for these images,” Boseman told NBC. “There’s a real thirst for black superheroes.” 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed this week that a “Black Panther” sequel is in the works. Feige told Entertainment Weekly that there was “nothing specific to reveal” about the next movie but added that “we absolutely will do that.”


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