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These were the best late night show moments in 2018

Charmaine Blake



It wasn’t all politics on TV’s late night shows.

Image: Getty/mashable composite

“Try as they might, late night show hosts this year just couldn’t avoid politics entirely.

And though the likes of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and others graced our screens this year by taking on the Trump administration, it wasn’t just government talk that dominated the airwaves.

Fortunately, there were plenty of hilarious moments with celebrities, plenty of bizarre segments, and enough to distract us from the garbage fire that has been 2018 that meant we didn’t have to talk Trump the entire year.

Here are some of our favorite moments:

1. Nickelback’s awesome Mean Tweets appearance

Perennial musical punching bag Nickelback got their vengeance earlier this year in Mean Tweets, Jimmy Kimmel’s excellent segment where music stars get to read awful things about themselves.

You have to hand it to the Canadian rock band, they’re pretty good sports about it all.

2. Ariana Grande making light work of the Musical Genre Challenge

We would very happily pay $1.29 on iTunes for Ariana Grande’s ’90s Diva cover of Drake’s “God’s Plan,” because it is that excellent.

 3. Jimmy Kimmel gives the welcome America’s newest citizens deserve

In a year where immigrants have been under constant attack by the Trump administration, it was heartwarming to see Jimmy Kimmel give America’s newest citizens the welcome they deserve.

Can this be a weekly segment already?

4. Nicki Minaj’s incredible X-rated rap for Stephen Colbert

Nicki Minaj rapping about sleeping with Stephen Colbert is something that actually happened this year. And it is awesome.

5. Sir Paul McCartney surprises fans in an elevator

Sir Paul McCartney dropped into The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and as you’d expect, left random people riding the elevator aghast with his appearance. Same, TBH………………………………………………….”

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Kit Harington was ‘shocked’ by ‘Game of Thrones’ ending

Charmaine Blake



Image: macall b. polay/hbo

“HBO has confirmed Game of Thrones‘ final supersized episodes, including three that hit the 80-minute mark. While the first two episodes will be around the average Game of Thrones hour, the series’ final four episodes will be – as promised – roughly the same runtime as a short feature film.

The first two episode run times were already confirmed, but HBO released all six on Friday.

Episode 1: 54 minutes
Episode 2: 58 minutes
Episode 3: 1 hours, 22 minutes
Episode 4: 1 hour, 18 minutes
Episode 5: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Episode 6: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Resourceful fans have been sussing out the official episode lengths for months now. Winter is Coming approximated all of them as early as January, thanks to some French press for the show.

On Monday, an online commenter figured out that tinkering with some HBO URLs revealed the exact run times of all six episodes, which are almost exactly as HBO went on to confirm.

Game of Thrones returns April 14.”

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Late Night – Official Trailer Amazon Studios



Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is a pioneer and legendary host on the late-night talk-show circuit. When she’s accused of being a “woman who hates women,” she puts affirmative action on the to-do list, and—presto!—Molly (Mindy Kaling) is hired as the one woman in Katherine’s all-male writers’ room. But Molly might be too little too late, as the formidable Katherine also faces the reality of low ratings and a network that wants to replace her. Molly, wanting to prove she’s not simply a diversity hire who’s disrupting the comfort of the brotherhood, is determined to help Katherine by revitalizing her show and career—and possibly effect even bigger change at the same time. LATE NIGHT is in theaters June 7th.

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5 Amazon Prime Original series you need to binge in March



“Amazon Prime Video is making great strides to increase its library of original programming, with roughly half-a-dozen original series hitting the platform every month. March brings a wide variety of new Amazon Prime TV shows, from debuting survival thrillersThe WidowandHannato the final season of dysfunctional British sitcomCatastrophe. With new series rolling out nearly every Friday in March, you’ll never be at a loss for new Amazon Prime TV shows to start binging. If that’s not enough, you can check out our comprehensive guide to in March.

For now, though, here are five Amazon Prime TV shows you need to watch in March 2019.

Amazon Prime TV shows: 5 new series to watch in March 2019

1) The Widow season 1 (March 1)

<img ” src=”//” alt=”” style=”display:none”/> Amazon Prime Video/YouTube

Georgia Wells cant get over the plane crash that killed her husband, Will. Maybe thats because nobody ever found his body. Now, large cash withdrawals are being made in Georgias name, and strange footage leads her to believe her intuition was rightmaybe Wills not dead. Armed with this new information, Georgia embarks on a mission across the Congo, dodging corrupt government and deadly mercenaries to find the truth about her long-lost husband.

2)Tin Starseason 2(March 8)

Amazon Prime Video/YouTube

Season 2 of thisBritish-Canadian drama with Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)picks up right where season 1 left off: with Sheriff Jim Worth (Tim Roth) bleeding out in the snowy mountainside, having just been shot by his own daughter. Will there be a reckoning or a reconciliation? Both? This underrated series is worth catching up with……………………………………………………”

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